Writing places

Writing places

Full-day workshops combining inspiring instruction with discovery of the environment.

I teach a writing process that begins with observation of the physical world around us, using drafting, sketching and hands-on work with found objects. Workshops are friendly and structured, with plenty of personal attention built-in and with time for sharing at the end.

If your group would like to structure the day around a particular place or theme, just let me know. I'll be pleased to design a workshop for you that fits with your ideas.

Contact lois@poetryoutside.com

Poetry workshops

Poetry workshops

Half-day workshops for writing groups.

- Imagery: observation and invention

- Form: the sentence and the line

- Form: inventing with fixed forms

- Topics: outlook/inlook -- writing from the outside

- Topics: memory and autobiography

- Topics: revising for publication


For details, Contact lois@poetryoutside.com